Pirate Tales of Costa Rica

Tall tales of tall ships carrying priceless treasures have been repeated throughout history and have spurred many treasure hunters to risk life and limb searching for lost gold silver and religious symbols adorned with jewels. Costa Rica is rich in pirate history with some of the most recognized pirates claiming to have buried vast treasures on it’s shores. Looking at a map it is easy to see that Costa Rica is a likely place for these marauders to hide their booty. The miles of rugged coast, offshore islands, and protected bays make for perfect hiding places. Isla del Coco or Coco Island is by far the most famous place in Costa Rica’s pirate history. The tiny island that Jacque Cousteau called “the most beautiful island in the world” and was also on the short list to become one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World” may be hiding more than just natural beauty within its rugged landscape.
Wafer Bay, Cocos Island Costa Rica

Wafer Bay, Cocos Island Costa Rica

One of the most famous lost treasures is the “Treasure of Lima”

The Endless Waves of Pavones, Costa Rica

A solid south swell is headed to Costa Rica. It is time to load the surfboards, coolers, and beach chairs into the truck and head to Pavones, home of one of the longest waves in the world. I have butterflies in my stomach my mind is racing, and to be perfectly honest, I am a little nervous. The swell that is bearing down on Costa Rica is 8 feet at 20 seconds. That translates to 20+ foot waves or triple overhead. For an old man that grew up on Folly Beach South Carolina and used to knee to waist high waves, there are scary monsters approaching!
Pavones aka Turkey Town is located in the south pacific region of Costa Rica on the southern coast of the Golfo Dulce. The quaint beachside town is known around the world for one thing, epically long waves. The wave breaks for approximately 1.2 kilometers when the swell direction is right. When the swell direction isn’t perfect the usually super long wave breaks in 4 different sections of roughly 300 meters each. The “point” is

The Best Coffee in Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica’s most famous beach destinations. With natural beauty and a diverse population of flora and fauna, you might never want to leave the beach. If you are in need of refueling, however, a local café will hit the spot. There are many coffee houses in Manuel Antonio that you can visit but Emilio’s, Café Milagro and Café Agua Azul are some of the very best.

Emilio’s Café

This small restaurant serves three meals a day and has coffee and snacks all day long. Emillio’s Cafe has excellent customer reviews and boasts some of the best service, desserts and coffee in the area. Superb breakfast meals include herb French toast and eggs anyway that you want them prepared. Lunch options include everything from meat and fish to vegetarian meals. One of the most recommended lunch items is a delicious homemade sandwich. Live music is sometimes available during dinner and travelers can order wine, sangria or just about any other drink to accompany their meal. Jazz and classical serenades are the most popular here.
The Best Coffee in Manuel Antonio

Emilio’s Lively Atmosphere

Café Milagro

This café is well known for its fresh-roasted coffee drinks, baked goods and ice cream treats.

Building Your Own Boat Docking with the Best Supplies

If you own a boat, then you might need a dock for your boat docking. That is because the docking is very important to make sure that nothing will go wrong with your boat when you are going to leave it alone. However, the price of the services of making the boat docking is not something that you can say as cheap. That is because you might need to spend a bout half of the price that you paid for the boat if you want to make the boat docking. However, you can always get the dock on your own if you have the boat dock building supplies that you need. This way, you will be able to save some of your money if you can make the docking for your boat on your own.

For the beginning, you will need to think about the overall design that you want for the docking. If you have the limited amount of money, then the small dock is something that you need. This kind of dock usually will take less of your money. After that, you will need to get all of the supplies that you need.

Top 5 recommended business hotels

As soon as you have to go for a business travel, you will need to consider our checklist of the globe’s finest high-class accommodations for business travelers.

Andaz Liverpool Street, London

A constant prizewinner of Greatest Business Hotels Listings. Take pleasure in 5 dining places and 5 bars inside the hotel, thoroughly equipped Fitness Center, a variety of massage and beauty therapies, in addition to 14 non-public dining as well as event areas. The 267 contemporary guest rooms are fashioned to generate the best in hotel encounters.

Treasure Bay Hotel & Marina, Florida

Guests of bay hotel marina on treasure island will appreciate luxurious gardening and a marina of Boca Ciega Bay, as well as the outdoor swimming pool, spa, and roof sundeck. An outdoor patio or balcony is included with each comforting guestroom. A microwave, compact fridge, and coffee maker are provided along with a flat-screen TV-set and cost-free Wi-Fi. A health center is available for all visitors. A business center, laundry services, and snack machines are offered as well. The seashore is only 3 mins walk away.

Fifteen Beacon, Boston

With the location on Beacon Hill and its lavish furnishings, it is an exclusive conference place. For minor teams, the three Restaurant spaces

The Costa Rican Shopping Scene

There are plenty of opportunities to get your shopping fix in Costa Rica. Modern malls, classic boutique stores, local street vendors and little shops tucked in and around the villages across the country are all waiting for your shopping dollars. A few quick tips, comfortable shoes and a pocket full of money will get you ready for a fantastic shopping experience in Costa Rica.

Multiplaza, in Escazu, is perhaps the most popular and best known to locals and tourist. This modern multi-floor and upscale facility holds 365 shops with national and international name brands. Sony, Tiffany, Armeni, Timberland, Nike and many other easily recognized brands cater to the Central American shopping frenzy once you enter the doors of the Multiplaza. Five department stores carry an extensive array of those things you just have to add to your shopping cart, especially in the cosmetic, accessory and electronic departments. Teaser ads placed in the windows of the shops grab your attention and beg you to patronize the stores as you walk along the elaborate plaza. There are restaurants and small cafe’s on the top level so you can take a relaxing break and catch your breath.

Biggest Baddest Bucket List

The Contest

Have you ever had the dream of traveling around the world and seeing some of the things you have only been able to experience through travel magazines, movies or websites?

My Destination has gone global to give you an opportunity to enter a contest that can make your dream turn into the Biggest Baddest Bucket List reality! Travel six continents visiting the 35 destinations from your bucket list – all expenses paid! And if that is not enough, when you get home you will have to go to the bank and deposit your $50,000.00 check waiting for you.

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Come back and read why you would want to add Costa Rica to your list! We will be your host on your trip to Costa Rica if you win – so let us show you around!

Surfing in Matapalo, Costa Rica

I live in a gorgeous area of Costa Rica called Costa Ballena, but I love heading south to the Osa Peninsula and the beach town of Matapalo. Matapalo is sandwiched between Corcovado National Park, which is widely accepted as the most bio-diverse place on earth, and the warm, rich waters of the Golfo Dulce. This location makes it an ideal destination for nature lovers and surfers looking for a “Garden of Eden” like environment with world-class waves, epic fishing and a huge array of amazing wildlife. There is never a want of activities in Matapalo.

Getting to Matapalo is not as difficult as it once was. The main road servicing the area is paved all the way to Puerto Jimenez and most of the river crossings, that were once treacherous in the wet season, are bridged. The dirt road between Jimenez and Matapalo was in good enough condition for us to travel at 40km an hour making the trip between these two towns roughly 1 hour. There is also a small regional airport located in Puerto Jimenez that services the region.
Costa Rica Surfing by Bodhi Surf School (Flickr)

Costa Rica Surfing by Bodhi Surf School (Flickr)

Once you arrive in Matapalo

Costa Rica Weddings

Wedding Traditions Optional

One tradition that has changed immensely across the globe is wedding ceremonies. The majority of couples in this day and age invent ways to celebrate their special day their own way, some with touches of tradition, and others laying all tradition aside. Outdoor venues have replaced church sanctuary’s, personal vows have replaced the traditional “I do’s” and the “destination wedding” is the latest craze in lieu of family neighborhood settings. It is no surprise that Costa Rica has become a favorite selection for destination weddings. Prospective couples can exchange vows and begin their new lives together in an exotic location that rivals any other. Exotic does not necessarily mean expensive in Costa Rica. If you have a limited budget but still desire to get hitched in paradise think “outside the box” and you should be able to create your dream wedding while staying on budget. After all, Costa Rica enjoys coastline with gorgeous beaches on 2 different oceans, dramatic backdrops of majestic mountains, valleys full of rivers and wildlife, and lively volcanos that spew lava. Finding a unique place that fits your personality and is within your budget is just a matter of doing some homework.

3 Amazing Costa Rica National Parks

It is no secret that Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. This tiny Central American country is home to over 12,000 species of plants, 830 bird species, 1,200 butterfly species, 230 different mammals, and 400 species of reptiles, yet it covers only .03% of the world’s land mass. Costa Rica has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect these natural resources by designating nearly 25% of it’s land as ‘protected.’ These protected areas are split into 26 national parks, 47 protected zones, 58 wildlife refuges, 11 forest reserves, 8 biological reserves, and total an astonishing 3,130,335 acres. If we tried to fit information on all of these protected areas into one article, it would be longer than Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” so today we are going to focus on 3 of Costa Rica’s most famous national parks; Arenal national park, Manuel Antonio national park and Corcovado national park.

Arenal National Park

Located just 80 miles from San Jose, Arenal National Park is easily accessible from the Central Valley making it a favorite ‘first destination’ of those traveling to Costa Rica looking for natural treasures and exciting adventure. The main attraction of Arenal National Park is

5 “Must Visit” Restaurants in Costa Ballena

Costa Ballena is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. If you are visiting the area you are sure to play in the ocean, swim in waterfalls, and zip line through the jungle. In order to take full advantage of your time, you are going to need to keep your stomach full, and your energy high. There are many dining options in Costa Ballena to choose from. This list of “must visit” restaurants touches on different options ranging from budget to extravagant, and from the beach front to the mountain side. We hope you Enjoy your time eating and drinking in Costa Ballena and that this list comes in handy. To see more options available in the area, take a look at our Restaurant pages.

Bar Jolly Roger – Escaleras Mountain
This “little pirate bar that could” has beat tough odds to become one of the best restaurants and bars in Costa Ballena. While most businesses rely on it’s location to attract clients, The Bar Jolly Roger rests on it’s personable owners, superb chicken wings, and an expansive sunset view to keep the crowds coming in night after night. The Bar Jolly Roger is located 2.5 kilometers up

The ‘Dog Whisperer’ of Atenas

When most people picture Costa Rica they envision long sunny beaches lined with palm trees, or thick green jungle packed with exotic wildlife. Another wonderful side of this exotic paradise that has drawn a large number of retired, or soon to be, Expats to Costa Rica looking for modern conveniences, friendly people, great location and a perfect climate are the small mountain towns of Costa Rica such as Atenas.

Atenas reached worldwide notoriety when National Geographic mentioned that Atenas has one of the ‘best climates in the world’ this fact helped AARP reach its decision to name this charming little mountain town one of the ‘top 10 retirement destinations in the world’. Located in the middle of Costa Rica, Atenas is home to a large number of Expats. The culture in this area is alluring to the foreigners looking to relocate into exotic new surroundings. The native people are warm and friendly, always ready to offer you a helping hand while smiling from ear to ear. It is hard to pick out just one reason to move to Atenas, but if you are a dog lover this may just be that one reason that draws you to the area. Meet

Costa Rica – Legend of La Segu

I have a confession to make…I used to be a beer snob. Until I moved to Costa Rica roughly 6 years ago, I only drank beers with prestigious names like Stella Artois, Newcastle, and Becks or micro-brews such as Pete’s Wicked Ale, Palmetto Amber and Sierre Nevada Pale Ale. All that changed when I arrived in Costa Rica as selection is somewhat limited and imported beers are very expensive. The two beers most people drink in Costa Rica are Pilsen and Imperial, but names like Bavaria, Golden Monkey and a few others are gaining in popularity. A few months ago two of my local watering holes, Roadhouse and Tortilla Flats, started carrying a beer from the first micro-brewery in Costa Rica called Craft Brewing. My favorite beer that Craft Brewing makes is called La Segua. I was excited to see a new beer option, especially one that was from a local micro-brew, so I ordered one, and started to take a swig. A Tico (name for native Costa Rican) was sitting nearby and asked to look at the bottle. He handed it back to me and said, “Do you know the legend of La Segua?” No, I said.

Lost Waves of Nicoya

The only constant in life is change. Sometimes change is slow and almost unnoticeable while other times it happens so fast it is shocking and hard to adapt to. At 8:42 am on September 5th, 2012 Costa Rica’s Nicoya peninsula was forever reshaped in two short yet tumultuos minutes. A large tectonic plate known as Cocos Plate slid under the adjacent Caribbean Plate causing a powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake, the second strongest in Costa Rican history. The memory of the tsunami that hit Japan a year before killing over 19,000 was still fresh in peoples minds, and as you might imagine, caused a panic in the beach communities that had everyone running for higher ground. Thankfully the tsunami never arrived and no lives were lost, but the quake did cause millions of dollars in damage to local infrastructure. On our most recent surf trip to Nicoya, we learned of another national treasure that was effected by this powerful natural event, the waves.

Let me be clear, so as not to freak out all the surfer with trips planned to Costa Rica, there are plenty of waves on the Nicoya Peninsula. The famous waves at Ostional, Nosara, Guiones,

5 Ways to Say “I Love You”

‘m sure I am not the first surfer in the world who has changed plans with their better half in order to chase a swell. Sometimes I am absent for family events, miss planned dinners with friends, and put off “honey do’s” in order to catch good waves. Of course, my family life and my wife are much more important than surfing, but like the saying, “a happy wife is a happy life” there is another saying (ok I am making up right now) “A husband must be happy in order to make his wife happy,” and surfing makes me happy. Over the 15 years of being with my amazing wife, I have learned a few tricks of the trade, so to speak, that have helped me put a smile on a face where there was a twinge of anger seconds before. This trick is super easy, free, takes almost no time but shows I care and that I was thinking about her while away, usually surfing. So guys and gals here are a few things you can find on most of the beautiful beaches in Costa Rica if you take a minute to look around. These small items

When to fly Costa Rica

If you have limited vacation time and a desire to experience the exotic sites scattered throughout Costa Rica then hoping on a regional flight might be ideal for you. Small regional airports are located in nearly every corner of Costa Rica and most flights inside Costa Rica from San Jose are less than an hour. Jumping on a regional flight can turn a six hour drive or 12 hour bus ride into a 25 minute jaunt over the mountains. Reducing travel time between your desired destinations will allow you to experience more during your vacation.

Costa Rica is a small country about the size of West Virginia and Denmark combined but it’s mountainous terrain and rough roads can make travel times longer than you might think and steal valuable vacation time that is better spent on the beach sipping an umbrella drink, or hiking through the jungle searching for exotic birds. For example, driving from San Jose to the Osa Peninsula town of Puerto Jimenez takes between six and seven hours via car or up to 15 via bus, the drive from San Jose to Tamarindo is roughly five hours and the drive to Volcano Arenal is around

Pura Vida’ in Costa Rica

Thick drops of tropical rain pelt my face as I stretch my hand skywards and search for a grip on the slippery cliff space. I pull my bare foot up to another hold and push myself up onto the ledge, turning around for the first time to look at the gorge below me.

The rain is pouring into the Costa Rican rain forest, swelling the river and amplifying the force of the waterfall that roars just meters to my left. For a moment, I’m seized by vertigo and I feel my fear of heights start pulling me back before the edge.

Back home, I might have walked away. But this trip is all about my bucket list, so I bend my knees, jump into the abyss and leave my fear behind me.

Pura Vida

Costa Rica was the perfect choice for our fourth destination. After three weeks of incessant travel our bodies and minds were starting to feel worn out. We’d left Barbados as the island celebrated its annual carnival and had to dodge glasses of rum to get onboard our plane to Costa Rica. We arrived in San Jose, and – uneventfully – collapsed

3 Must See Attractions in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country but it is filled with many kinds of attractions for tourists. The destinations that each tourist chooses for their Costa Rica travel itinerary will depend on many factors, but here are three top attractions that should not be missed:

1. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Once known only to naturalists, this unique cloud forest is now open to anyone who wants to visit it. This cloud forest is located in the northern part of the Puntarenas province, less than 3 hours from San Jose. This protected area encompasses 26,000 acres of cloud forest, which is actually a bit different from rainforest. This natural attraction is located at 1,600 meters above sea level and is always covered by a layer of mist and clouds. It’s truly amazing to look down at the clouds! The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is home to thousands of species of flora and fauna and walking through the park with a guide is a great way to learn about them. There are 8 miles of well-preserved trails throughout the park for visitors to explore. Typical poster animals for Costa Rica that can be found in this nature reserve include pumas, monkeys, red-eyed tree frogs

Quintonil A Portrait of Gastronomic Excellence

As already mentioned in recent articles, Mexico City is honored to be home to three of the 50 best restaurants in the world, according to San Pellegrino. Out of these three places, Quintonil stands out for making it to the list for the first time in 2015, even though it received many national and international distinctions before. In order to know more of this innovative place, My Destination Mexico City interviewed Chef Jorge Vallejo, who, along with his wife, Alejandra Flores, opened this fantastic place, a portrait of the gastronomic excellence in Mexico.

The mind behind: At a young age, Jorge has achieved incomparable success and international prestige. He studied Administration and Culinary Arts in Ambrosía Academy, in Mexico City. Afterwards, he had the chance to work for international chains of hotels and cruises, as well as in some of the best restaurants in the world, such as Pujol, in Mexico City, and Noma, in Copenhagen (considered number one of the world for three consecutive years). In 2012, Jorge opened what was about to become the favorite place for many people: Quintonil.
Jorge & Alejandra

Jorge & Alejandra

The origins: Jorge shares that he always wanted to establish a restaurant with Alejandra.

20 Facts You Never Imagined of Mexico City

Mexico City is full of wonderful secrets and astonishing facts that you may have never imagined. Here’s a list of 20 of them that you probably didn’t known about this ancient and magic capital city:

1. Founded in 1325, Mexico City is the oldest capital city of the Americas. It was the capital of the Aztec Empire which had approximately 300 thousand people, a larger population than any European city at that time, when it was conquered by Spain in the 16th century. Its original name in the local indigenous language (nahuatl) was Tenochtitlan or Mexico-Tenochtitlan, which was preserved by the Spanish Crown. Afterwards, the city’s inhabitants named it just Mexico. Subsequently, it was the capital city of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, the two Mexican Empires (in the 19th Century), the Mexican independent republic and the current nation of Mexico.

2. Mexico City was the second most populated city of the world for many years, after Tokyo. However, according to UN’s “2014 revision of the World Urbanization Prospects”, now this is the fourth largest city with around 22 million people (Tokyo, Delhi and Shanghai make the top 3). Its